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Healthcare Liberation

We are a wonderful, diverse Country with unlimited choices to explore in our daily lives. Why is it we are regulated into such narrow, confusing and dysfunctional Health Management Systems? Why is it we spend three times more for healthcare and be one of the sickest developed nations on earth? We need less intervention and more choices. When we have more choices we can explore the different aspects of healthcare delivery and choose our own health plans particular to each family member, our unique backgrounds and priorities, and become independent, well-informed consumers in the process.

Under 65 Health Plans


Dental and vision plans

2020-21 Dental/Vision Plans

We Offer:

Medicare Health Plans
Advantage Plans and Supplements

Knowing the difference between Advantage Plans and Traditional Supplements can save you money or save your life.

Individual and Group Plan Alternatives
Save money-Stay healthy

50 years of managed care and major medical insurance has made us sick and dependent

Tools and Resources
to make informed decisions


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About Us

About Us

We offer an unbiased examination of the various types of health plans.

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Decide for Yourself

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We have exactly what you need

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